About us

Boomkwekerij Koos Buitenhuis has been committed to supplying high-quality green products to its customers for many years now.

The family business was founded in 1972 by Koos Buitenhuis. After years of collaboration, the baton has now been passed on to son Henry. In addition to the nursery at Laag Boskoop, there is a second location at Heuvelhofweg in Hazerswoude.

Over the years, the nursery has developed into a thriving business. Initially, the offerings in plants consisted only of a variety of Conifers. The production of Buxus was soon added. The offerings have now been expanded to include Berberis, Euonymus, Lavender, and various hedge concepts.

Working at the nursery

Every day, an enthusiastic team at the tree nursery works on growing high-quality products. We are committed to making the products ready for shipment in order to meet the wishes of you as a customer. We aim for optimal cooperation both inside and outside the company.
We do this by developing the specialisms of our employees and deploying everyone's talents. At the same time, we will work hard together to complete your order.

Innovation and sustainability

We like to distinguish ourselves in an innovative way. Sustainability is a starting point is the key in this.
For example, we grow according to the latest production techniques and use manure in production. With this, we support the farmers and increase the quality of the product in a natural way. With a clear vision of the future, we let green grow through craftsmanship.

Socially concerned

As a company, we bear responsibility for our fellow human beings. We have an eye for our employees and we work together with various social enterprises.


Good cooperation gives job satisfaction and is the basis for a good end result. Working together gets better results.


We grow according to the latest production techniques, where sustainability is paramount.

Reliable and honest

Reliability and integrity to both the customer and our employees are extremely important to us.