With a unique working method, Buitenhuis provides sustainable grown plants.

In the context of sustainability, Buitenhuis has been developing a low-peat potting soil for years. After various experiments, the thick fraction of cow manure turned out to be a suitable peat substitute.

The manure, which comes from a local dairy farm, is processed into the potting soil. With this sustainable method, the nursery delivers an important input to circular agriculture.

Watch the video for more information about this process.

In addition to the thick fraction, Buitenhuis has also used the thin fraction of cow manure since 2021. Manure and urine are separated with the CowToilet from Hanskamp, which reduces nitrogen emissions.

The cow urine is a good nutrient for the plants and ends up on the plants through irrigation. Moreover, Buitenhuis uses much less fertilizer.

Watch the video for more information.