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Buxus and Euonymus

Twee veelzijdige groenblijvers

Both the Buxus and the Euonymus are perfect to use as hedges.


Two colorful evergreen plants

The wide variety of conifers makes them perfect for any garden, balcony, or terrace.

Discover hedges

Buitenhuis kweekt een variatie aan haagplanten, die elk seizoen een uniek karakter laten zien. Denk hierbij aan verschillende soorten, zoals Taxus, Prunus, Carpinus en Ligustrum.

  • Annual hedges

  • Wide offerings

  • Pot grown

Ilex & Berberis

Karakteristieke heesters met flair

These versatile plants come into their own, both in a pot and next to each other in a hedge.


Fragrant bloomers

The wonderful scent and blue flowers make this garden plant a unique hedge.

A tour of
the nursery

Buitenhuis works hard every day on new orders, fertilizing plants, cuttings and so much more. Want to get an impression of our daily work? Watch this video!